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Democratic candidate for Kansas Secretary of State, Brian "BAM" McClendon, has developed a tool ( to make it easier for voters to check their voter registration, register to vote if their registration isn't current or if the voter hasn't registered to vote before, and to request an Advance Ballot from their County Election Officer. 

McClendon was previously the VP of Engineering at Google, building the teams and programs behind Google Earth, Google Maps, Street View, and Ground Truth


KWCH 12 recently featured in a recent news story

Secretary of State candidate Brian McClendon led the development of A website that allows voters the opportunity to change and or update registration and request an advance ballot without having to mail anything in.

The new tool can be accessed on a cellphone, iPad or computer whenever or wherever. It will also have a Spanish feature.

Voters type in some basic information such as name, address and drivers license number and put their electronic signature.

"It allows you to vote on your time. A lot of people can't make it to the polls on that Tuesday, they are working hard, and it allows them to actually sit down on a Saturday or Sunday with voter information and make a choice that allows them to choose people over the particular party they are in," says McClendon.

He says the tool is one of the reasons he is running for Secretary of State.

The KSVotes interface also allows users who are registered to vote to complete and sign their application for Advance Ballot so that the voter can receive their ballot by mail and take time to research the candidates as well as to vote a paper ballot that is returned by mail to their County Election Officer. 


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