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2018 Legislative Update #1

The 2018 Legislative Session has several major issues to address this year, and we are ready to get to work on finding commonsense, bipartisan solutions. Kansas works better when we work together. We look forward to strengthening the bipartisan coalition that enabled us to make positive changes last year and building on that coalition to continue to work for the good of every Kansan. If you ever have any concern I can help you with, please contact me. I also encourage you to like my Facebook and Twitter pages to get a more updated view of what is going on at the Capitol.  Continue reading

Hearing Set for Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill by the Kansas Judiciary Council

It's been twenty-four years since the original Kansas Standard Asset Forfeiture and Seizure Act was passed in 1994. Under this act, a Kansas law enforcement agency is authorized to seize property and cash the agency alleges is involved with certain criminal activity. There has been much discussion nationally of civil asset forfeiture, and a number of states have reformed their forfeiture laws in varying ways over the last few years. Continue reading

Legislative Page Program Information

Countless Kansas leaders, as children, participated in the Kansas Legislative Page Program. The Page program is designed for students in middle school, junior high or the first years of high school between the ages of 12 and 17. Serving as a page in the Kansas Legislature is an excellent way to learn more about legislative leadership and process. To experience the opportunity of serving as a page for Rep. Gail Finney, please contact Rep. Finney's legislative office as soon as possible by calling (785) 296-7649. Spaces are limited!  Continue reading

Advocates for Industrial Hemp Focus on Kansas Senate in 2018 Legislative Session

Proponents for industrial hemp production have turned their focus to the Kansas Senate in the 2018 legislative session. While both Democrats and Republicans in the Kansas House broadly supported HB 2182 in the 2017 legislative session, the Kansas Senate sidestepped a vote on the bill following objections by law enforcement organizations who lobby the legislature.  The new bill before the Kansas Senate, Senate Bill 263, is more limited than the House Bill passed in 2017.  Continue reading

A Look Ahead at the 2018 Legislative Session

As we enter the 2018 Kansas Legislative Session, it is clear the legislature has much work to do ahead. However, the question remains whether the legislative leadership who sets the agenda and calendars will use the time productively or, as they have for much of the past, procrastinate until the final hour to solve the most major problems facing our state.  Here's a look ahead of the issues that we must address in the upcoming legislative session, which begins on Monday, January 8, 2018.  If you have ideas for legislation or suggestions for how to improve government, please contact me. Continue reading

Rep. Finney passes legislation

Joey Weber read a parts manual for a combine, but he didn’t fully digest what was happening as a traffic stop in Hays escalated last August. Hays police didn’t understand why Weber reacted as he did. Less than a year after Weber, 36, was killed in that encounter with the law, a new law for the state of Kansas bears his name. John Weber credited the role of lawmakers - Sen. Rick Billinger, R-Goodland, and Rep. Gail Finney, D-Wichita. Billinger and Finney praised the support of the autism community. Finney, who had been contacted by disabilities rights activist David Mulford, Hutchinson, mentioned Mulford’s ideas for legislation. Mulford said talk about spreading this law beyond Kansas’ borders is in an early stage. Continue reading